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Bring Your Kids to Work Day


Adrian and Cameron in the city...
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Camping Trip

Boy Scout camping trip to Bass River State Park. This was near the end of our 7.6 mile hike. That is Lake Absegami in the background.

That's Dillon, Jason, and Adrian.

Completed Star Wars puzzle!

Well, it took much longer than I expected, but the Star Wars puzzle was completed today! One thousand pieces came together to make this awesome picture.

Now... On to troubleshoot my son's laptop which refuses to boot into Windows for some reason.

Star Wars Puzzle Progress...

Valentine's Day 2019

The Hampton/Doyle families got together for the 11th annual Valentine's Day Dinner.  This year it was our turn to host the meal, so we kept it fairly simple with some spaghetti & meatballs, and some cresent rolls.  The kids played video games and hung out in the basement while we chatted at the dining room table and got caught up.  Always a fun evening!
Here is a collage of some photos we snapped...

Star Wars Puzzle "You're all clear, kid."

We're working on a new 1,000-piece puzzle called, "You're all clear, kid." It's a Star Wars puzzle that prominently features the Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader, the Death Star, and all the primary characters from "A New Hope."

It's been a difficult one so far because of the number of black pieces with "stars" on them, along with the number of white Falcon pieces. But we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Here is a picture of where we are now...

Minivan Era Over

It's official. The minivan sold today!

A very nice older couple bought it. The husband is a carpenter and plans to take the back seats out of the van and turn it into a work vehicle. Hopefully it will serve him well for years to come.