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House Prep

I spent the weekend doing all sorts of "home clean-up" stuff. I re-stained the floor of the deck in the back yard using the remainder of the cedar stain that I had left over. We had people scheduled to come view our house (it's on the market now), but they weren't scheduled to come back to the house until between 2-4pm the next day, so I figured it would be OK.

I did a ton of weeding and plant watering, mowing, weed wackin', trimming and sweeping, too. I thought the outside looked really good, if I do say so myself. I should take an updated photo now, actually.

After doing all of that outside stuff, we started targeting the basement. Over the years, you end up collecting a lot of clutter, and we had a bunch of stuff piled in the basement that we needed to get out of sight. We bought a bunch more of those storage bins and I went to town throwing tons of stuff into them. I cleaned out the entire closet in the first floor bedroom that used to be my office. I had TONS of CD's and books in the there and easily filled two or three bins. And they were HEAVY when I was done loading them up. I got into the crawl space and pushed the bins with our seasonal decorations back further so I'd have room to add new bins.

After doing all this, I went to work Monday and got a call from Angie around ten minutes after 2 PM. She said the realtor called and said that the people had to CANCEL! She was ticked off because she had spent another 2 hours on Monday cleaning up after the kids and shuffling them over to my parents' house. I was extremely disappointed because we were really hoping that since these were people who had already seen the house, they were really interested and might notice the effort we'd put in. Then, 30 minutes later, Angie called me back and said that the realtor spoke to the people again and they said it was just a scheduling problem. They wanted to come through the house between 7-8PM if we were willing. Of course, we agreed. I left work at 5pm and ate a quick dinner with the kids and got back to straightening up again.

We talked to Angie's uncle tonight and he said he'll call the other agent tomorrow to find out what the reaction/feeling was from the people who went through our house again. He also told us that the house we'd bid on previously had an offer fall through (according to the other realtor). The other realtor said to have us resubmit our bid now that the owners have lowered their price. I'm ready to say "no contingencies", but this makes Angie nervous since we don't have an offer on our house yet. "No contingencies" is definitely a tempting change to the offer, though. And since the owners have already moved out, they may be more motivated to sell at this point. But our last offer is like $40,000 below their newly-lowered asking price. If they were to accept (which I doubt), it would just be a matter of trying to negotiate a settlement date. I'd prefer to go in late October/November to give us time to sell. ;-)




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