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Weekend Update

I went over to our Maple Shade house to cut the lawn yesterday around 11:30am, and within 15 minutes it started to rain. I tried to "mow through it", but it turned into a downpour in a matter of minutes. Luckily, Don had left the back door open because I had forgotten my key. Unfortunately for Don, I tracked some grass into the house. I tried to clean it up as best as I could, but it was a futile effort since everywhere I went grass was falling off of me.

So I had to abort the grass-cutting mission half way through (at least I had finished the front yard completely). The back yard was about half cut.

Today Angie took the kids to church and then out to breakfast with Grandmom (who still hasn't purchased a new car yet!). While they were out, I loaded my mower back into my trunk and went back to Maple Shade to finish the job.

After that, I came back here and had lunch. Everyone came home around 12:30pm or so, just in time for Adrian's afternoon nap. While he napped, I took Dillon outside to play while I cut the Mount Laurel house's lawn (Angie went to the bookstore with Jason for a little bit). Dillon had fun driving his Jeep around while I cut the grass (takes me about an hour and 20 minutes to do front and back). When mommy got back, we treated ourselves to some Mister Softee ice cream and watched some TV (well, the kids did - I went back out and trimmed the hedges).

Angie gave the kids a bath and now everyone's in bed...

Now it's time for more of BSG Season 3.5


Anonymous Matt said…
You're SOL on Season 4... isn't on DVD yet. 4.0 is but not 4.5. Better to just wait until the whole thing comes out on one DVD.
Mark H said…
We're watching 4.0 now (courtesy of a co-worker), and I already have Season 4.5 downloaded in 720p resolution ready to watch on the PS3!

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