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4th of July Holiday Weekend


Even though I was off from my day job, Angie and I spent the entire morning doing landscaping/yard work at our Maple Shade house (still on the market, interested?). I picked up 5 bags of mulch and 24 impatiens from Lowe's early in the morning and then met Angie at the house. She dropped the kids off at Mom Mom and Pop Pop's first, of course. I cut the lawn, did the weed whacking, cleaned the front-right gutter, replaced the light bulb in the porch light at the top of the foyer, and planted the impatiens in the front while Angie pulled a lot of the weeds out, swept up the scrap and bagged everything up. She spread out the mulch and we smoothed it out with our rakes. It looked really nice when we were done (which was about 11:40am and we had someone coming to look at the place at noon!).

After that, we ate lunch at Mom Mom and Pop Pop's house with the kids and then headed back to Mount Laurel where Adrian took his afternoon nap.

Uncle Ryan stopped by later that night for some musical noodling (me on drums, him on guitar). It was Van Hampton reunited! ;-)

Spent the morning doing the yard work at the Mount Laurel house and while I was mowing, I noticed that our neighbor's kids were over in our yard playing with Dillon and Jason. Angie came out back at that point with Adrian and started talking to the neighbor. They agreed that all of the kids could play in our yard for a while, which was nice (the boys loved it). They even ended up staying for lunch and playing inside for a while). They ran around outside with water pistols and Super Soakers for a little bit, too.

Uncle Ryan and Mom Mom & Pop Pop stopped by later on and we threw some meat on the grill for dinner. It was nice - some of us ate outside since I had the tiki torches going with the citronella fuel in them. They work well, but they aren't 100%, of course. Since we live "in the woods" there are lots of mosquitoes around. I'll have to pick up a bug zapper at some point.

After the kids went to bed, we launched some remaining fireworks from last year that our friend Steve had left behind. The kids watched from their bedroom window. Then Uncle Ryan and daddy played some PS3 (MLB '09 demo, and Star Wars Unleashed demo - I rarely actually buy games, but the SW Unleashed game is pretty cool).

Sunday: Lazy Sunday!!!

Currently listening to: Girl Upstairs (I was in the mood for some homemade original music!)


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