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Fogo De Chao, Philadelphia

The other night, we went out for a late dinner at Fogo De Chao in Philadelphia, PA. It's located just off of Broad Street on Chestnut Street, before you get to 13th Street. Branded as a Brazilian Steakhouse, it's a meat lovers' paradise. If you've ever had food served to you "family style", you'll be a little familiar with how this works, but in a slightly different way. Typically, at a family style restaurant, each course is served in large portions to the table and if you need more, you notify your server who eventually brings out another serving. But at Fogo de Chao, you're provided with a small cardboard coaster marked "No, Thanks" on the red side, and "More, please" on the green side. A team of "carvers" walks the restaurant floor armed with skewers of beef, chicken, pork, and lamb; and when they see your coaster showing the green side, they will stop right next to you and either plop a skewer of meat onto your plate, or they will begin carving a nice-sized piece of meat onto your plate (at which point you need to grab your tongs and assist the carver).

This was by far the most amount of meat I've ever had in one sitting before. I had a little of everything (except I didn't make it to the pork), and it was all great. Of course, I had a few favorites. The boneless chicken wrapped in bacon was incredible, and the filet mignon was also to-die-for (and also wrapped in bacon). It was the meat version of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup: two great tastes that taste great together! But the house specialty was a seasoned beef with garlic, and it was mouth-wateringly awesome.

There's an unlimited salad bar, too, but a friend of mine had warned me to avoid it and "go for the meat." Good advice. Fogo also serves three hot side dishes that are endless, so this night we had cornmeal, garlic mashed potatoes, and some kind of grilled banana. At one point, my plate was overloaded with meat, and yet the carvers were still stopping at my place to cut more meat. I realized I had forgotten to flip over my coaster, so I quickly made the change to "Red" so I could catch up. You can always flip back over to "Green" when you want to resume your Meat-aholics' meat onslaught.

All in all, a great experience and we will definitely be visiting Fogo de Chao again! Check it out if you're a meat lover.


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