Friday, December 11, 2009

Washing Machine

After looking around in stores and on the web for the past few weeks, we decided to finally bite the bullet and buy a replacement washing machine for our old house (our "rental property").  I'm sure that Don is tired of taking his laundry to his parents' house every weekend!

So the final verdict is: you really can't go wrong with buying an appliance from Lowe's.  I mean, Free Delivery, Free Removal, and Free Installation!  Anywhere else we went, those were extra.  Or worse, some places would only give you "Free Placement" which means that they'll put the washer where you want it, but then you have to hook it up yourself.  The winning washer is a Maytag (to match the dryer) that we got for about $429, plus tax and hoses (about $50 combined).  So for under $500, they'll deliver it, disconnect & remove the old washer completely, and install the new one for you.

The only problem was that the doorway into our "laundry room" in the basement is about the size of a Hobbit's door.  We always assumed that the previous owners must have installed the washer and dryer, and then built the walls around them.  So I met my father at the house last night, and with Don's help we dismantled the entire doorway so the delivery guys have total access to the area.  Delivery is Saturday (they are supposed to call me today to confirm the time), so we'll see how it goes.

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