Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Decorating

Angie bought the boys some Easter Egg decorating kits, so we decided to use the dyes last night.  Each pack also came with "extra" decorations: Jason picked the "monster pack" which came with pipe cleaners (for arms), "hair", and stickers for eyes, noses and mouths; Dillon picked the Star Wars pack, which came with Star Wars "tattoos" for the eggs; and Adrian picked a regular dye pack with no "extras."  Angie started the process before I joined in.  Each of the kids had one container in front of them, so Angie let them each pick a dye color.  They all chose blue.  So instead of starting off with three different color options, we had blue across the board.

Angie had placed large pieces of tissue paper on the table (three layers), but that turned out to be insufficient.  The table ended up getting dyed more than the eggs.  At one point, I knocked one of the blue containers over!  So in order to start getting more color options out for the kids, I grabbed a bunch of coffee cups and let them drop the tablets into each one.  So now we had purple, pink, yellow, orange, green, red, blue, etc.  Once we had the process going, this part wasn't so bad.  We even had a "marble" effect where you add 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the dye mixture and drop the egg into two different colors.  Those turned out pretty good.

We made them wait until this morning to apply the extra decorations (stickers, tattoos, etc.), so the eggs would be completely dry.  Of course, the stickers are a pain in the ass, and I can't even get the stinkin' tattoos to work AT ALL.  I mean, they're ridiculous; I've tried everything to make them stick but they're worthless. And I feel bad for Dillon because he was really looking forward to putting them on the eggs.  And of course we've already thrown away the "instructions" that came with the Star Wars pack (although I don't recall seeing any instructions on how to apply the tattoos).  The trash bag is already outside and has been rained on for hours, so I ain't dumpster diving for something that may not help me anyway.  Jason's "monster pack" came with a little tube of glue to apply the pipe cleaners and the "hair", but the glue is horrible and doesn't even hold the pipe cleaners in place.

Verdict: total waste of time and money, in my opinion. Next time, we dye the eggs a color and we'll let the kids "paint" them with paintbrushes or something.  Or we can go with no egg dying at all; PLASTIC EGGS ONLY!  ;-)


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Carrin said...

We did the monster eggs this year too. The glue was worthless!