Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We found out that even though the buyers specifically wrote "Washer and dryer excluded" into our contract a month ago, they've decided to keep them.  Now I don't have to worry about selling them or moving them out of the house!  I'm not sure if we need to change the contract language or not... It would seem like maybe we should, but I haven't heard anything. 

I guess I should put the wall and door back up since there is no need to leave it the way it is now.

I'm also waiting for the termite guy to call me to schedule a day this week to do the (unnecessary) treatment (which will cost us about $500).  He made it seem like he'd be able to do this one day this week, so I'm hopeful.  Once we cross that off the list and put the laundry area back to "normal" with the wall and door, I think we just wait for the Certificate of Occupancy to be granted, and then... Settlement April 30th!

Of course, I still have to cut the lawn there at least once, if not twice, and I need to grab all the remaining odds and ends that we left in the storage sheds in the back, and in the basement.  We're in the home stretch.

I'd just like to get everything done so that all we have to do is wait for settlement.

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