Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adrian vs. Potty: The Saga Continues

Yesterday, Adrian woke up dry, which he does most of the time. He had
an OK day as far as going #1. Number Two, though, is a different
story. In the afternoon, he told Angie he had to go so she put him on
the little potty in the downstairs bathroom. He asked to be alone,
but then started saying he didn't have to go. Angie thought for sure
he had to go number two, so I went in and gave him a little pep talk
and convinced him to sit back down on the potty. I left the bathroom
and went out into the backyard to get ready to mow the grass, and
within 60 seconds Angie yelled out to me that he had pooped. On the
bathroom floor (which she had just cleaned earlier that day)!

Later on we went out to dinner for my mom's birthday (which was
Friday). After dinner we decided to go play a round of miniature golf.
So before we left I took Adrian to the restroom (I had also brought
along our toilet seat 'adapter' for him). Angie hasn't had luck
getting him on there at home, but he went on there at the restaurant
with no trouble. Quite a bit, actually.

Then, at the golf place, he started acting strangely by the 14th hole
or so. Angie assumed this was a poopy dance, so as soon as we
finished golfing, we raced back home (about 12 minutes). I tool Adrian
straight to the potty upstairs and as I was taking down his underpants
he started peeing. He got it all over his pants, underwear, and the
floor. And none in the potty which was about a foot from him.

This morning, Adrian woke up with wet undies so he didn't make it thru
the night. This is very unusual for him so I thought I was going to
have another rough Sunday morning with him (Angie takes the twins to
church and out to breakfast with her mom). But I was in for a

As soon as I got him up, I took him out of his wet undies and put him
on the potty and he peed a little. We went downstairs and he had a
little snack while watching TV (he said he didn't want breakfast yet).
Then he came out and sat at the kitchen table with me to have cereal.
About 5 minutes later he told me he had to go. So we went over, sat
down, and he peed some more.

After watching some more TV and having some cereal, he told me he had
to go again. This time he asked me to leave him alone for a few
minutes. He signaled me when he was finished and I was SHOCKED to see
that he went #2!! I cleaned him up and we went for a bike ride around
11:30 or so. Around 12pm while we were at an empty playground, he told
me that a little bit of pee "came out." I checked him and it was
nothing, but I knew he had to go so I told him he could pee on the
back of the school wall. He actually did it without any fuss!

We came back home and had lunch. Amazingly, Adrian told Angie he had
to go again, and (shockingly) it was another #2! So he's 2 for 2 with
the poops on the potty today.

I think he has turned a corner because he's telling us more often now.

He just likes his privacy when he's doing it...

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Carrin said...

That gives me hope for Connor!!! We're about a week or so behind Adrian, so if he continues like Mr. AJ, we should be golden by September! I'm glad he's doing better!