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Valentine's Day

We're battling some sickness in our household. Dillon woke up Thursday night complaining that his ear hurt, so Angie took him to the doctor on Friday. Sure enough, he had an ear infection. So now he's taking some antibiotics twice a day for the next 7 days, and we're giving him Children's Motrin at night to help him sleep.

You'd never know he was sick from watching him, though. All weekend, both he and Jason have been running around like madmen. Every so often one of them will cough or have to blow their nose, but other than that nothing seems to slow them down. I took them for a walk through the woods behind our house on Saturday morning, hoping it might tire them out a bit. It worked on Jason, but Dillon was still fired up when we got back. I don't know where he gets the energy from. Angie signed them both up for T-ball, which starts in April, so we'll see how that goes! I have a feeling it will drain Angie and I more than the twins...

Adam and Cherise stopped by on Saturday night with their kids, so everyone got to play together for a couple of hours. I haven't had the chance to upload any of the photos from our camera yet, but there's a couple of good ones that we took of all six kids together on the couch that I want to post.

I finished e-filing our Federal taxes the other day. We'll be getting a decent refund this year, and it will be coming at just the right time to take care of some bills. I still have to e-file the NJ taxes, but we usually end up about even with those.

Gotta go help put the kids to bed now...


Father said…
So how long before Adam and Cherise's kids get whatever's going around at your house.
Mark Hampton said…
Hopefully that won't happen!!

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