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CSI: Cleanup Crew

The crime scene clean-up crew went into action again tonight. Dillon woke up around 9:30pm, basically sleepwalking all the way downstairs to the family room, sobbing. I walked with him all the way back up the stairs into his bedroom and put him back to bed. He never once spoke a word, but he would nod his head when I'd say things like, "Let's go to sleep and think about good things like playing with our friends and going to the Please Touch Museum..." He went to bed and seemed to be OK. I left the room for about a minute, and then I heard him sobbing again. He was asking for mommy. I went in and saw that he had just lifted his head up, but was still in bed. I spoke to him softly again and he went back to sleep.

All was fine for about 20 minutes until all hell broke loose upstairs. We heard loud crying and multiple footsteps thundering around. Angie leapt into action and I heard her talking to Jason at the top of the stairs, "What happened with Dillon, J?" I heard Jason mumbling and Angie running down the hallway. Then, "MARK! There's vomit all over the place! Can you get up here?!"

Grabbing our usual crime scene clean-up supplies (bucket, plastic bags, spray cleaner, the Swiffer WetJet), we went to work. Again, the stench was almost unbearable. I keep expecting a recreation of that scene from, was it "Stand By Me"? Where the one person pukes at the pie-eating contest and then everybody started puking, too! It was that bad. Puke on the bed, his pillow, his pajamas, the sheets, the floor, the bed rails, the mattress.

I bundled everything up into a pile and threw it into the wash. Angie held the plastic bags up while I sopped up the disgusting mess and threw the soiled paper towels away. Totally disgusting.

Ironically, Dillon said he was feeling much better today and was even having "normal" Number 2's today. But something obviously didn't sit right with him.

"These are the moments that make life worth living." - Meryl Streep's character, "Death Becomes Her"


Anonymous said…
He must have the oddest case of the stomach virus. My friends daughter has been like this the past couple weeks and so was my niece, Emily.
Mark H said…
I know. I'm beginning to think he has some kind of creature living in there that just doesn't want to leave!
Anonymous Matt said…
You better pray they didn't pass that on to my kids when they played last week. If so I'm going to be putting all the puke in a milk jug and mailing it to you.

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