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Things I Said Today

Category: Parenting

1. "STOP taking your brother's Mighty Beanz®!!"
2. "Watch out for the sticker bushes!"
3. "Stay on the hiking path, please."
4. "Don't throw the rubber junk at each other!" (on the ground at the playground)
5. "WHO keeps farting??"
6. "Stop crashing your cars into the walls and furniture, please!"
7. "Stop crashing your cars into each other, please!"
8. "Don't throw/roll your cars down the basement steps!"
9. "Doesn't anyone want to play with the new train tracks I put together?"
10. To Adrian: "This is a 'No Whining' zone!"
11. "Three chesseburger Kids Meals, please.  All plain, with chocolate milks."
12. Dillon: "Jason won't listen to me."
      Me: "What do you mean?"
      Dillon: "I mean he won't do what I say. He won't play with me."
      Me: "Lately, Jason only wants to play with mommy and daddy, Dillon." 
     [Jason has begun sticking to Angie and I like glue.  If we leave him alone in a room, within 30 seconds he stops what he's doing and looks for us.  Once he finds us, he makes up some bogus question to ask us, and then won't leave us.  It's cute, but gets old fast.  This morning he woke up first (around 6AM) and played quietly outside our door.  He'd poke his head in every few minutes to make sure we were still there.]


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