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Our Maple Shade house is back on the market, officially. Right now it's listed with the same photos that we were using last year, but we've taken some new ones that need to be posted so we can delete some of the old ones. Don's (or was it Cyndi's?) decorating skills are much better than ours, so we've taken some updated photos of the living room and kitchen that we'd like to use. We'll see how it goes this time. We'd really like to have it sold by August 1st, if at all possible.

Angie's mom took all three kids yesterday after the t-ball game and she kept them overnight. This was the first time that Grandmom had Adrian for an overnight visit. She just brought them back around 8pm tonight, and everyone had a great time.

Angie and I used the opportunity to get some stuff done around the house(s). I went to Maple Shade first thing in the morning (after breakfast) and mowed the lawn there. It was getting pretty unruly. Then I had to fix the shutter that blew off the house about a month ago; luckily it was on the ground floor and fairly easy to get to. I moved some crap from the front of the house to the back and took a new picture of the house that we'll use for the MLS web site. With my dad's help, I packed the mower into the trunk of my Maxima and used bungee cords to hold the trunk lid down. Once I got it home, I mowed the Mt. Laurel house's lawn, too. It was a lot of mowing, that's for sure.

I did a lot of yard clean-up at our new house after I mowed the lawn, and I also used the seed spreader to throw down some insect control stuff. We'll see how it goes - it's supposed to get rid of lots of pests, like ants, ticks, fleas, grubs, crickets, etc. I'm mainly trying to do two things: kill the grubs so that the moles stop burrowing all over our property; and keep the pests away from our house. Since we saw some "camel crickets" after we bought the house last year, we're just hoping to at least kill those damned things off!

Some of our flowers are starting to bloom already, but we can't wait to see Spring time finally be in full swing. After having such a nice weekend with 70-degree temps, these next few days of rain and cold are going to suck!


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you were pretty busy. Ugh I agree about the next few days I absolutely hate the cold.
Anonymous Matt said…
HAHA... Mister Big Yard!!! Shows you for buying something with an awesomely HUGE yard and outdoing your friend. Are you going to get a riding mower.

So any chance Don has any interest in buying the house?

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