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Dillon on a pony

Dillon rides a pony at the carnival held at Care One, where my grandmother is living.

Jason on a pony

Jason riding a pony - Aug. 2008. We took the twins to the little carnival that was held at Care One, where my grandmother resides.

House Prep

I spent the weekend doing all sorts of "home clean-up" stuff. I re-stained the floor of the deck in the back yard using the remainder of the cedar stain that I had left over. We had people scheduled to come view our house (it's on the market now), but they weren't scheduled to come back to the house until between 2-4pm the next day, so I figured it would be OK. I did a ton of weeding and plant watering, mowing, weed wackin', trimming and sweeping, too. I thought the outside looked really good, if I do say so myself. I should take an updated photo now, actually. After doing all of that outside stuff, we started targeting the basement. Over the years, you end up collecting a lot of clutter, and we had a bunch of stuff piled in the basement that we needed to get out of sight. We bought a bunch more of those storage bins and I went to town throwing tons of stuff into them. I cleaned out the entire closet in the first floor bedroom that used to be my offi