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End of an Era: The Hampton Minivan is For Sale

Back in November of 2003, we welcomed our first children to the world, our twins Dillon and Jason.  Within a couple of months we realized that loading two car seats in and out of our sedans was a pain in the butt.  Angie wanted an SUV, but we figured that it made more practical sense to go for the minivan.  So after a month or so of research and test drives, we purchased a Chrysler Town & Country in March 2004.  The van has served us well for almost 15 years.  We have had minimal issues with it, and it has taken us to places as far away as Orlando, FL.  It welcomed our next two sons into its cabin as well, Adrian and Cameron.  It also got us safely to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, the Jersey shore, New York City, Washington D.C., Maryland, Busch Gardens in Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg, in Virginia, and more. But after all of those trips and many years of service, we have decided to part ways.  Angie finally got her dream car: a Chevy Tahoe LTZ.  White, of course.  We bo