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Dillon and Jason basketball practice

Dillon at basketball practice

Jason at Basketball practice

All in a day's work

Today we did a bunch of snow activities... We dug a tunnel along side the driveway beneath our mountains of snow... Here's Dillon peaking through the tunnel.   We went sledding at Laurel Acres Park... Here's Dillon on the left and Jason on the right, getting ready for their first run... Then we built a snowman (Jason on left, Dillon on right). Then we finished shoveling and threw some snowballs around... Here's Adrian, getting ready to go down the hill with mommy...


  Dillon and I walked a special path through the snow in the backyard this afternoon...


How strange that my last post was during the blizzard of '09, and this one is during the blizzard of '10... A matter of only a few weeks later. This is always a good time to do stuff around the house since we're stuck inside (when we're not shoveling, that is - and by "we're" I mean "I'm").  So while the kids watch some "Jetsons" episodes (via Comcast OnDemand), I'm setting up a TV in the basement with the old PlayStation 2 and a VCR so they can watch movies down there from time to time.  We've got another VCR that I'll hook up to the 17" TV upstairs (at least until the "upstairs playroom" becomes the "basement playroom"). I also decided to upgrade my main home computer to Windows 7, and I must say it totally rocks.  I don't want to say it was my idea or anything, but it's really cool.  And the computer itself seems to run so much better on it than it did when Windows XP was installe