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Thunder Ball (T-ball, for short)

Tomorrow morning at 9am, the twins will play their second-to-last game of t-ball. Ah, t-ball. You've brought such joy into our home... I know that our kids aren't the only ones who "dislike" t-ball. At the last game (Thursday night), our team was the last to bat, so when they ran off the field for the last time I heard one kid yell out, "YAY! LAST INNING!" I saw the coach burst out laughing, and I couldn't help but tell him, "Yeah, that about sums it up..." On Thursday, Angie told me that the twins were hoping for rain. Angie left the game while the kids were playing the field during the final inning, but she had told them that "this was it and then the game is over." She forgot that they had to bat last. When Dillon ran off the field at the end of the inning and sat on the bench, I told him that he would "get to hit one more time." He looked SO sad about it! He said, "Mom said it was time for dinner and we co


Tomorrow morning I get to learn how to turn on the sprinkler system and program the thing. I hear it's pretty easy, but I want to make sure everything is working right. Plus, the timer thing is the old school "push pins" and I'm not sure how to work it. Of course, this will also set us back about 70 dollars. Add it to the pile!

Ice Cream Social

The twins' pre-school class had their "Ice Cream Social" today and Mom Mom was there with the camera to preserve the moment in pictures. You can click on the "Picasa Slideshow" link at right to view the photos that I added to the "Kid Photos" album or you can click this link for the slideshow.

Home Again

Well, our flight landed almost exactly on time in Philly tonight, so we were able to get to our car in the Economy Lot and drive to my parents' house by about 6pm. Angie practically jumped out of the car and ran to the front door because she could see Adrian peaking out the window. The kids were very happy to see us and began showing us all the things they created during the past 5 days (drawings, booklets, colorings, art projects from school). And we were equally as happy to see them. Like Angie said, "It's almost like we never left." I received a text message from our friend Don letting us know that someone is coming out to look at our Maple Shade house tomorrow. Of course, the lawn hasn't been mowed in 2 weeks, so I have to get my butt over there to mow it tomorrow morning. Thank God I took off tomorrow! Our new house needs a good mowing, too, but that will have to wait until late afternoon at the earliest now. We recently lowered the asking price of o

Big Bear attacks Denver Convention Ctr

Here's a view of the bear from the first floor of the Denver convention center. This thing is pretty huge!

View of the Bear

... From inside the convention center in Denver.

Big Bear at Colorado Convention Ctr

Angie at Paramount Cafe

Denver, CO

Mile High Stadium


Taken with my cell phone so the pic probably isn't the greatest.

Ready for Departure

Angie and I literally *just* made it onto the plane (we ran to the gate and were the last to board). Luckily, we had no bags to check and there was room in the overhead storage for our small suitcases. We parked in the Econo lot and made it to the security checkpoint by 6:45an or so (flight boarding time was listed as 7:20). But the line was huge and by the time we got thru it was almost 7:45 (departure: 7:50am). Waiting in the line watching the time quickly pass us by was frustrating. We were both starving, too! I bought some soft pretzels on our mad dash to the gate and we munched on them as we sat down. I guess we'll end up buying the breakfast meal during the flight ($7.00!). I'll check in again once we land in Denver. We're taxiing to take-off now, gotta shut down the cell phone. We're #10 in line right now, according to our captain.


Dropped the kids off with Angie's mom tonight (we all met at my parents' house for the drop-off/pick-up). Dillon seemed sad when we said our good-byes (he started to make the "I'm about to cry" face) and Adrian was crying for mommy. I swear it almost made me want to just say, "We're staying home!" But we have our tickets to Denver and we've already paid for the hotel room, so we're going. And we'll try to have fun and not think about leaving the kids behind, I guess. We had to finish up the wash, do some ironing and pack everything up into the little suitcases so we won't have to pay to check a big bag. I've got some magazines and a book for the flight, and I just need to make sure my iPod is all charged up tonight. Can't forget the headphones and the charger (for the flight back). Come to think of it, I should charge Angie's iPod up, too. Did a quick mowing of the front yard when I got home from work. There just was


The new Creative Playthings playset was delivered and installed today. One guy showed up and put it all together in about 3 hours. For me, it was leave for work, work all day, come home and watch the kids play on the playset. Nice. In an alternate reality, I would have purchased one of these as a kit to save some cash and then spent three days putting it together by myself, inventing new cuss words as I went along. I don't like that alternate reality version. :-)

Made it one block from work

Had to have my car towed this morning. The alternator apparently died last night and my battery got me all the way to Hahnemann Hospital which is literally one block from where I work! The car stalled in the middle of the intersection of Broad and Vine and a cop pushed me in front of the hospital (after he yelled at me to "Move it along!" when I stalled). Here's Maxima getting towed away.