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Adrian and I ready to race

This was taken in Nag's Head at a go-cart track. Adrian had a blast cruising around.

What we did on our summer vacation

Well, we spent the last 8 days in North Carolina.  The Outer Banks; Nag's Head, to be exact.  We left on Sunday morning, July 18th and came back on Sunday evening, July 25th.  Some high- and low-lights of the trip: - I got a speeding ticket in North Carolina (70 MPH in a 55 MPH zone) on our way to the house the first day. We were only about 25 miles from the house.  Very unfriendly female cop.  I called my insurance company today and they said that they do not surcharge for points, so all I should do is pay the fine ($166).  Even though this would be a 4-point ticket in NJ, it only ends up adding 2 points to my license because I got it out of state.  Weird NJ law, but I'm glad for it.  For each year I go without a ticket I'll lose three points, so I'll be back to zero by the end of next July as long as I'm ticket-free. - Not quite out of NJ yet, Angie asked me where the video camera was.  Of course, it was sitting on the kitchen counter where I had plugged it in