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Samsung Saga Comes to an End

Yesterday morning Angie called me at work to tell me that the Samsung TV was spewing smoke out of the top of the unit.  She smelled a burning odor, so she unplugged it.  The picture had already gone black and the unit wouldn't power up.

So... I'm finally throwing in the towel on this television set.  The Samsung FP-T5084 was top-rated when I purchased it for about $2,200 from Circuit City in March of 2008.  But after 1 1/2 years of usage it began to give us problems.  We had one repair done under warranty, and then after that I replaced the main board and numerous fuses.

So long, Samsung FP-T5084.  You're getting kicked to the curb.

Life's Good.

Yes, we bought an LG 55" TV to replace the old Samsung.  Long live the LG!


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